Lyresa is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. She is extremely knowledgeable about bone and muscle structure, she has a holistic understanding about the human body.

She is an accomplished athlete and understands first hand about what your hobbies can do to sometimes throw you out of whack. She doesn’t try to sign you up for more than what you need. She teaches you effective exercises for prevention. Her staff are very competent. Billing is always accepted by my insurance company, there are never any mistakes with codes, etc. I heartily recommend her!

Pros: Quality of care, professionalism, efficient billing
Cons: none!

By Tina T.


Another 1st place — thanks to Dr. PLeskovitch (& Kumi & Sarah)!! I would not even have been on the starting line w/o you!!
A double Dipsea! -A.S.

I’ve used orthotics for many years. This the first time I’ve been able to just put them in my shoes and be so
comfortable I forgot I had feet! – E.B.

Dear Lyresa,Just a quick note to say “Many Thanks.” Since your bike fit (I changed the stem), my back is great, I feel great on the bike and my power (as measured in time over a well-known course) is up about 6%!

Wishing you a great 2005. – R.B.

Dear Lyresa!

Thank you so much for caring for me & improving my quality of life. Happy New Year!


Palo Alto Weekly has called Dr. Pleskovitch the best chiropractor on the Peninsula, but patients know best:

Hi A.,I highly recommend Lyresa Pleskovitch in Palo Alto. I’ve had severe knee injuries and chronic knee pain. I’ve suffered for 2 years and then I went to Lyresa in Feb of this year. She has done wonders for me. Not just short term relief of the pain but long term care as well by getting me custom orthotics and a medical bike fit. She herself is an avid rider and was ranked 2nd in this year’s Triple Crown in her age group. It’s amazing that how much she knows about biking, human body and bio-mechanical issues. she is a DC, QME and charges 125 for a bike fit.

Her email is

– Thanks, M.C.

2:30:20 1/2 marathon!


Thank you so much for making this possible!
You are the best!

Love, K.


I just finished a run in the hills today PAIN-FREE and once again wanted to thank you. A year ago I could not run due to the pain in my leg. But after the laser treatment, ultrasound, deep muscle massage and exercises from you, I once again enjoy my runs in the beautiful hills around here.

A very happy patient, N.H.

Dear Lyresa,

Well, we are waiting for the exercise instructions that include cats!

Just want to say thank you for all the years of exceptional care and warmth on your part to myself and my family.

You are truly exceptional!

Warmest Regards, D.K.