Push-ups for Abdominals

As a cyclist and runner, I am a cardio junkie. If I only have 60 minutes to exercise, then that 60 minutes is spent cycling, running, or on some cardio machine at the gym.

I have realized that when giving patients exercises, less is more. I don’t want to spend an hour doing all these “stability exercises,” so why should my patients?

Enter: The much forgotten push-up.

Push-ups are a great overall exercise that can be performed anywhere. You can also make them more challenging: Put your feet up on a chair or turn a Bosu Ball upside down so that the flat part is on top and do push-ups of that to give your body an extra stability challenge. I can really feel my abs engage on the Bosu.

If regular push-ups are a challenge, initially start on your knees or put your hands on something higher to decrease the range of the push-up. What is important here is your form.

An informative article I came across can be found here:


There is good information on form and technique. Until next time…….

Published by: lyresa
on: 01/1/14 12:25 AM

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